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How Today’s Technologies Are Changing Our Lives For The Better

We should always be thankful for the technological innovations that have shaped our lives for the better.  

If the ancient Mesopotamians hadn’t invented the wheel, we would probably still be riding around on horseback instead of driving the cars we benefit from today.

If Thomas Edison hasn’t invented the light bulb, we would still be wandering around with candle wax dripping onto our tired and weary fingers. 

And if John Logie Baird hadn’t birthed the idea of the television, we would all be at home looking out of our windows at the boring realities around us. 

Technology has done much for our lives, and while it’s not all good – too many people have lost their jobs to robots – we still have much to be thankful for. 

Technology has changed the face of education

Thanks to the internet, we can now research the information we need for our studies. Anybody can access courses of education because many colleges are now offering programs of study online. Students can use apps on their phone to help them cheat in exams…erm… help them to revise. And teachers are now able to create their own digital content to enhance the learning of the people who enter their classrooms. 

No longer are we forced to use stuffy textbooks, no longer are we forced to endure chalkboard methods of learning, and no longer are we forced to miss out on educational opportunities because we can’t leave our homes to go to college. 

Technology has changed the ways businesses work

Business owners’ lives have benefited so much from today’s technologies. They can research their nearest competitors after a quick Google search online. They can make light work of complicated business tasks through the easy to use apps downloaded onto their phones and other mobile devices. They can work from home thanks to the cloud technologies that are commonplace today. And through social media, they can quickly market their businesses to the masses. 

That’s not all, of course. Thanks to business intelligence software, all kinds of business types can gather the data needed to manage and enhance their work. Just check out the software solutions provided by PetroBase, for example, who support the oil and gas industries. Businesses can also analyze customer data to help them improve sales. And because it’s relatively easy to set up an e-Commerce website these days, anybody can start a business from home. 

These are just a few of the ways in which technology has shaped the way people can do business today. Just don’t mention the robots that have snaffled up the jobs of their employees!

Technology has changed the ways in which we communicate with others

In days gone by, we would have to wait an age to receive a reply from a person we had sent a letter or a telegram too. We would have to pay a fortune in postage costs too! Thankfully, those days have gone. Going beyond the humble telephone that has made all of our lives a lot easier, we have many other ways to communicate too.

Our smartphones allow for instant messaging, face-to-face phone calls, and easy payment transactions. The computers we use can offer the same, and they allow us to make calls for free with VOIP systems. We can use video conferencing tools to speak to more than one person at a time. And thanks to email, social media, and web chat technologies, we can easily get in touch with the people we need to speak to. No longer do we need to endure expensive phone bills. And no longer do we need to make that arduous task to the post office to buy a book of stamps!

Technology has changed the way we play games

Back in the bad old days, our parents would have sent us outside to play with a bat and a ball. We would have been forced to play board games with our families. And we would have to wait in line to get a go on the latest arcade machines down at the shopping mall. Thankfully, our lives have changed.

While we have nothing against sports and board games, we can now play games in new and revolutionary ways. Thanks to the boom in the video game market, we can now play games at home, and these days, most of them come with 4K technology, incredible graphical capabilities, and VR tech that sucks us right into the middle of incredible game worlds. We can also play online with our friends and exercise our bodies through those games that incorporate motion control, in defiance against those people who tell us video games are bad for us. And with the upcoming launch of the PS5 and the latest Xbox, things are only going to get better. 

Technology has made us healthier

While we have just advocated the joy of video games, they have made us a little less healthy. So have our TVs, our laptops, and the other devices we use at home to entertain us. When we’re sat on our sofas using such technologies, we are going to feel a little bit worse for wear. Still, it’s not all bad news. As we said, some video games are motion-controlled, so there is scope for exercise. And there are all kinds of technologies available today that can improve our physical lives. 

We are thinking of Fitbits and another such wearable tech, for example, that give us the incentive to exercise more. The calorie counting apps on our phones can give us cause to watch what we eat.  Heart rate monitors can alert us to any potential warning signs. Fitness apps can help us keep track of our workouts. And thanks to online workout videos, none of us can use the excuse that we can’t workout because its cold outside because we can all keep fit in our very own living rooms!

And let’s not forget the technologies that are changing the future of healthcare, because thanks to the advances that are being made, we all have a greater potential to live long and healthy lives.

Technology has improved the cleanliness of our homes

Love it or hate it (probably the latter), housework is a necessary evil, because with a cleaner and more hygienic home, the healthier you will be. Thankfully, there are now technologies available that can help you with your chores, and we aren’t just talking about your rickety old vacuum cleaner. 

Just take a look at these smart cleaning gadgets that are revolutionizing homes today. There are robots that will eat up your dust, clean the grime on your kitchen and bathroom floors, and make light work of the kitty litter that causes up a stink in your home. The linked article showcases other cleaning marvels too, including portable sanitizing wands and robotic washing machines that will make your life easier at home.

So, if you’re sick and tired of having to do the housework, fear not, as with the latest pieces of tech, you can sit back and put up your feet up. Sure, your cat might not appreciate the robot that is whizzing around the floor while she’s trying to take a nap, but at least you will have the opportunity to catch a little bit of extra shut-eye yourself. 


Technology is changing all the time, and by the time you get to the end of this article, we are sure something else will have been invented that will change your life for the better. Be thankful for what is around you then as, without it, you would still be sending telegrams, mopping your own floors, watching the paint dry on your ceiling, and playing endless games of Monopoly with your family!

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