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How To Improve Your Brand New Home Office

So you figure you’re going to be working from home for a very long time and you decide to invest in a home office. Smart move, many people are doing the same and in fact, bosses are encouraging it. Apple is actually paying their employees, well it’s a grant, to build their own home office so they can work remotely far into the future. However, a home office is something unusual in the modern home. We normally don’t have such rooms in the contemporary world anymore. We’d much rather use the spare room for games or a chilling out at our personal bar. So you might be wondering now, how can you improve your home office to make it feel more like an office?

Invest in a chair

Do not bring up your dining chair! So many people don’t realize that creating a home office means you need to go all the way. You cannot do this halfway dude! So invest in a proper executive chair. It has to be comfy, so you can sit down for hours and not feel the need to get up and stretch your legs. Leather is great but modern fabrics that mix cotton and wool are also popular. Look for a chair that has armrests, so you can put your elbows somewhere and not feel like your shoulders are being dragged forward hour after hour. The executive chair should have a decent amount of padding too, so you feel fully supported both in your lumbar spine and in your hamstrings. 

Fast internet

Commercial internet providers are not the same as residential internet providers. They may be the same brand, sure, but they do not provide the same type of package. Commercial entities need very fast internet, with a huge bandwidth. This is because cloud storage systems and cloud software eats up a lot of internet. As you work from home, still using the same software that you had at work, you’ll find that you suffer slowdowns. Here is a switching broadband guide to help you choose your new internet provider that has shifted their structure for remote working customers. It lets you know what you can do, regarding your current contract obligations and if you can pull out.

Blue light vs natural light

Commercial buildings have huge windows so they can allow as much natural light in as possible. This helps employees to get their vitamin D, as well as see naturally. Blue light causing eye strain is a real concern for those that work from home. You may find that you cannot focus as well as you used to and that’s not always because of the room itself. You just need to open the curtains or draw up the blinds so nothing is impeding the sunlight from entering.

Your new home office will take time getting used to. But fear not, many people actually love their new professional workspace. After all, you are the designer so you can do anything you want with it.

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